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Yurgen (YER-gun[1]) was the former King of the Dragon Kingdom. When Ouster Will slew Yurgen's son, he told Yurgen that if he found the ancient healing stones, his son could be healed. He also claimed that the slaying of his son was accidental. Yurgen burrowed so much, that his mountain kingdom sank, forming the Sunken Mountains. Eventually, he broke of two tiny flecks of stone, the Holoré and Holoél. Instead of healing Yurgen's son, Ouster will used the stones to begin experimenting with the melding of animals. This ended the Fist Epoch. During the Fourth Epoch, his daughter Hulwen's eye was removed by dragon hunter Podo Helmer, he became furious and even more reclusive. Close to the time of his own death, he devoured Podo Helmer. Using the new ancient stone that Gnag the Nameless had removed from the Fane of Fire, Gnag melded himself with Yurgen, marking Yurgen's death.


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