"This place is indibnible. And dank."Burley the Pow

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Yorsha Doon is a coastal port city on the edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness west of the Woes of Shreve. The climate is quite warm. The Doonlanders seem to speak a different language, or at least a different dialect, than what is spoken elsewhere. The word salah seems to be the same as sir, and mamada and papada seem to mean grandmother and grandfather. There is a group called the Umamri, who seem to be priests of some kind. They care for the old, sing, and read. A game is commonly played by children called Cat Punch. The Tahala is used as a mode of transportation and food source for Doonlanders. The Ferno Lizard is also eaten. Yorsha Doon is currently ruled by Prince Majah, but for a time he was overthrown by Roduin the Bloodbrute. Prince Majah was later returned to the throne because of the actions of a boy named Safiki.

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