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Janner Wingfeather reading about the other Wingfeathers

The Wingfeathers are the royal family members of Anniera.

Known Members

Customs & Common Traits

Compared to what ruling tradition that is familiar, members of the Wingfeather family are given unique roles and titles. Of the children born to the High King/High Queen, the eldest (whether male or female) is granted the title of Throne Warden, trained protector of the High King/High Queen (their younger sibling) by all physical, mental, and spiritual means. The second-born is the High King (if it's a boy) or High Queen (if it's a girl), who is given the birthright to rule Anniera when come of age. When the High King/Queen marries, they will always keep the name Wingfeather and their partner will instead change their name to Wingfeather, regardless of the gender of the born ruler. There are only two children required to be born and thrive until the next generation comes, if one dies then the child born after them will hold the title of the deceased sibling (seen when after the loss of Davion, his younger twin Jru becomes High King). If there is a third born, then the title of the child will be Song Master (male)/Song Maiden (female), and they are to be excellent musicians. The significance of Song Maidens/Masters are, in the words of Podo Helmer, "There is said to be magical powers in the music of the Song Maiden that are used to protect Anniera."

When Leeli, the first Song Maiden since a long time, performs music, her powers enable her to deeply get to know the mysteries of one's soul, and it grants others of the Wingfeather bloodline with visions that can allow the family to communicate between one another. If there are any children born after the third sibling, they are all called Lore Wains; Lore Wains travel all across Aerwiar telling stories of Anniera. One of the most important customs for every Wingfeather's childhood are for them to be taught what Nia Wingfeather calls them: T.H.A.G.S., the Three Honored And Great Subjects of Anniera, known as word, song, and form.

The Throne Warden is taught to be a magnificent poet and writer, as they commonly keep journals and have the reputation of being the most famous and fairest of Anniera, as they are the symbol of the element of word. The High King/Queen is taught art, as they are symbolic of the element form. Thus, the Song Master/Maiden is taught to read music and sing/play an instrument, as they are symbolic of the element song. When their powers are used all together, they can open a vault that exposes jewels like the Holoré and Holoél, and is known to be a means of communicating with The Maker himself face to face, which is only allowed for the High King/Queen to do to gain his advice.