This is the format for Wingfeather Saga Wiki. Before editing or creating a page, please take a look at the guidelines below. Following these guidelines helps us maintain quality standards for this Wiki. If you have any questions, contact one of the admins.

All Pages

All pages should be categorized. If you’re creating a page, take a look at the categories page to see what categories are out there, and find any that apply. These categories should apply most, if not all, the time to the subject of the article. If you think a category is missing, please contact an admin. 

If an article is no longer than a couple of paragraphs, please make sure that the article is categorized under "Article stubs" and has an article stub template at the top of the page . This helps the admin identify articles that need the most work.

There is no need to have a spoiler warning on an individual article. Spoilers are inevitable on any page, and so the spoiler warning on the home page will suffice for the entire Wiki.

Try to avoid using speculation or first person viewpoint in your writing.

Character Pages

Character pages should include all of the following:

  1. Character Infobox
    1. Photo
      • If possible, use a clear and specific image that shows only the character.
    2. Title(s)
      • e.g. (Throne Warden of Anniera, Mayor of Skree)
    3. Other Name(s)
      • Any alternative names that this character is called in the Wingfeather Saga
    4. Family
      • Any Known Family Members
    5. Birth
      • Year, Epoch, Location
    6. Death
      • Year, Epoch, Location
    7. Species
    8. Gender
    9. Hair Color
    10. Eye Color
  2. Introduction: In one paragraph, briefly describe who the Character is. (i.e., what they are most known for.)
  3. Biography: Describe in detail the character's life events. The Biography should be divided into the following sub-sections:
    1. Early Life
    2. Pre-Great War (if applicable)
    3. Great War (if applicable)
    4. Post-Great War (if applicable)
    5. Wingfeather War (if applicable)
    6. Post-Wingfeather War (if applicable)
  4. Personality and Traits
    • Give a physical description as well as a description of their personality.
  5. Residence Timeline
    • Create a list showing all places that the character has lived in chronological order. This does not include camps, or places stayed at for less than a day. This should not include imprisonments, either, unless they were stayed at for an extensive amount of time, in which case it should say (prison) afterword. The place where the character is currently living should say (currently) afterword. If the character is deceased, it should specify the place where the body was put after death and say (burial) afterword. If it is unknown where the body was put after death, then specify the place of death and say (place of death) afterword.

Creatures Pages

Creature pages describe different species that inhabit Aerwiar. These pages should include a physical description of the species as well as the role they play in the Saga. They should also include a creature infobox:

  1. Image of the creature.
  2. Designation: whether the creature is Sentient or non-sentient
  3. Habitat: where the creature lives.
  4. Height: the general size of the creature
  5. Diet: whether the creature is Carnivorous, Omnivorous, or Herbivorous.

Places Pages

Places pages describe locations throughout Aerwiar. These pages should describe the nature of the location as well as where it is.

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