Wendolyn (Igiby) Helmer, was the wife of Podo Helmer, mother of Nia (Helmer) Wingfeather, and grandmother of Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli Wingfeather. She lived most of her life in the Green Hollows.

Wendolyn was born at Chimney Hill, Ban Rona, to Kargan and Dorna Igiby. As a young woman she went to work for the Rubleshaws. While serving at the Rubleshaws, Wendolyn met Podo Helmer, whom she eventually married. They had a daughter, Nia, who later married Esben Wingfeather, the High King of Anniera. Wendolyn and Podo went to live with their daughter and grandchildren in the beautiful Castle Rysen. But unfortunately the land was destroyed when Gnag the Nameless attacked and Wendolyn was killed.

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