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Torrboro (TORE-buh-roe[1]) is one of largest cities in Skree. It is located on the south side of the River Blapp, across from Dugtown. Torrboro was the Fang's capital of Skree. It was from Palace Torr in Torrboro that General Khrak commanded the Skreean Fang army.

Citizens of Torrboro are known for their fancy and peculiar clothing. The men typically wear little black hats, dress coats with long tails, and pants pulled up to just below their chin. The women wear frilly dresses with patterns depicting noses of various animals, as well as pointy black oversized shoes.

Torrboro Common Attire

An image of a Torrfolk and their common attire depicted by Aedan Peterson

Palace Torr

Thorn the Torr, the warrior king who built the palace in the beginning of the Third Epoch, was fond of kittens. On every spire of the Palace Torr were statues of kittens in varied posture. From a bluff on the north bank of the Blapp, it was plain that the palace itself was built to resemble a happy crouching kitty. The upper most spire was the tail, the portcullis resembled teeth, and the drawbridge was undeniably tongue-like.

The Fall of Torr

For ages, the Torr dynasty nursed a disturbing fondness of all things kitten. Then came the Great War, when Fangs captured King Oliman the Torr and forced him to watch as the kitten statues were pulled down and shattered one by one. When all the kitties in the kingdom were placed on a raft and set adrift on the River Blapp, Oliman the Torr dropped dead with grief. To the citizens of Torrboro however, it was the one good thing the Fangs ever did.

The Road to Torrboro

The road to Torrboro was well traveled, both by humans and Fangs. Fang troops traveling to and from Fort Lamendron marched north and west from the coast, through Glipwood, and followed the road along the edge of Glipwood Forest until it met with the River Blapp. The evening curfew was well enforced, as the Fangs did little to patrol the road at night. Glipfolk traveling through the night to Torrboro had little to worry about until they reached the city itself, and by then the morning would have come anyway, so they wouldn't have raised suspicion. Of course, the roads adjacency to the forest presented difficulties of its own, and several of the travelers were likely to be set upon by Skree's usual array of night creatures.