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Toothy Cows are large animals that are similar to regular cows, except for the fact that they have long, sharp teeth. They are also carnivores, unlike most cows. They have no weaknesses, and live in numerous forests, including the Glipwood Forest, and the Blackwood. Though many kinds of Toothy Cows hibernate in the winter, some do not. Because of toothy cows and horned hounds, it is suggestible to be near a tree when camped in Glipwood Forest or other places were toothy cows are found, because they cannot climb.

The cows eyes are milky, and usually roll around without focusing. Their teeth make feeding very messy.

Toothy cows, as Kalmar has found out, will try to eat you even if they are in a Gargan Rockroach den. People have claimed to have seen Peet the Sock Man riding them through the Glipwood Forest.