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Throne Warden is the title given to the firstborn child the Annerian royal family. usually the First born is High King/Queen, but in Anniera there is a different system, Throne Wardens are charged with the most important duty in the land, which is to protect their younger sibling- a future king or queen of Anniera.

"North! Or be Eaten!" also mentions the spiritual aspect of being a Throne Warden:

"The Throne Warden protects more than the High King's flesh. He protects his soul by reminding him at every turn what is good and noble and true in the world. The Throne Warden protects not just the king but the kingdom as well. It his his job to remember and to remind."

The Throne Warden is also said to have the job of reminding the king who he is, that is, protecting his soul as well as his physical self. His task is to stay very close to the king's side, and to defend them from all danger -spiritual and physical- and in turn protect the kingdom. Artham P. Wingfeather, Janner Igiby, and Eremund Wingfeather are all noted Throne Wardens.