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Skree is the continent where Glipwood Township, the town that the Igibys lived in the book On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness is located. The whole land of Skree is green and flat, except for the Stony Mountains. Skree is west of the of the Dark Sea of Darkness. After the Great War was over and Skree's king and lords were executed, the people of Skree were subjugated to the Fangs of Dang until the Fangs were called back across the Dark Sea of Darkness to wage war with the Green Hollows, against Gnag the Nameless. Cities and towns of Skree include: The Glipwood Township, Dugtown, Torrborro and Kimera.

Major possible Tourist attractions(Voluntary or otherwise) include the Blapp, Fingap falls, Mog-Balgrik, Peet's Castle, Fort Lamedron, and, of course, The Fork Factory.