“Behold, a new creature! Her name is Scarva!”

Scarva is one of the Fangs created in the Phoob Islands by Amrah. She was in the same group as Kalmar Wingfeather.


Early Life

Little is known about Scavra's childhood. Her name was not originally Scavra, but her given name is unknown. At some point, likely during the Wingfeather War, she was taken by the Black Carriage from his home that was likely somewhere in Skree. It may have been Dugtown or Torrborro, but nothing is confirmed.

Wingfeather War

After being taken by the Black Carriage, Scavra was taken to the Phoob Islands near the end of the Wingfeather War. There, she was melded with a wolf and was given the name "Scavra". Kalmar Wingfeather was Fanged soon after her.

Post-Wingfeather War 

After the Wingfeather War, Scavra may have been turned back into a human when Janner Wingfeather melded himself with many of the Fangs.

Personality and Traits

Scavra looks like all other Grey Fangs. She is covered in grey fur and has long, sharp fangs.

Skills and Abilities

  • Combat: All Fangs are taught how to fight after they are melded. Scavra is no exception.
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