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“Yorsha Doon is my home. All of it.”
— Safiki

Safiki is a homeless boy from Yorsha Doon. He has to steal food to eat, and often brings fruit to his grandmother. His grandmother and his friend Falam constantly urge him to join the Umamri, but he prefers to stay homeless.


Early Life

Safiki was likely born sometime before the start of the Wingfeather Saga book series. During this time, his parents died of an unknown cause. After this he became homeless. His visited his grandmother often when she was under the care of the Umamri. The Umamri fed her only soup, which she despised. Safiki would bring her fruits, such as Plumyums, that she would eat by removing the only tooth in her mouth(which was fake) and chop the food into pieces using it. She would then eat the pieces.

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