Rudric ban Yorna was the Keeper of the hollows during the Wingfeather War. Rudric aided the Wingfeathers and led the Hollowsfolk against the Fang invasion of the Green Hollows.


Early Life

Rudric was born in the ban Yorna clan. He attended the Durgan guild, later joining the Durgan Patrol, of which he would become leader.[1]

Pre-Wingfeather War

In the spring of 4/446, Rudric won the Bannick Durga and became Keeper of the Hollows.

Wingfeather War

When the Wingfeathers arrived in Ban Rona, Rudric prevented the mob from killing Kalmar Wingfeather on sight. As Keeper, he made sure that Kalmar's fate as a Grey Fang would be decided by a fair trial.

While the Wingfeathers lived at Chimney Hill, Rudric began to court Nia Wingfeather.

During the winter of 4/451-4/452, a rumor was spread by Bonifer Squoon that there were Fangs sighted in the Outer Vales.[2] Rudric left immediately with the Durgan Patrol, but while he was gone, angry Hollowsfolk siezed Kalmar Wingfeather.[3]

First Battle of Ban Rona

When the Wingfeathers were taken to the Keep, Leeli Wingfeather sent her dog Baxter to find Rudric. Rudric and the Durgans returned to Ban Rona just as the Fang army was let into the city.[4]

During the battle, Rudric slew General Swifter. When Esben Wingfeather reunited with Nia, Rudric believed the Cloven to be attacking her. Rudric stabbed Esben before realizing who he was.[5]

Second Battle of Ban Rona

During the Second Fang attack on Ban Rona, Rudric led the city defense on the roof of the Great Library.

Battle of Finley Field

Rudric led the Hollowsfolk in the Battle of Finley Field. During the battle, Rudric was mortally wounded, and died shortly afterwards.[6]

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