"This place is indibnible. And dank."Burley the Pow

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Ridgerunners are aeclusive, sentient race that dwell mainly in the Killridge Mountains of Dang. They love fruit of any kind, in any form. Each year swarms of ridgerunners come to the Green Hollows and steal fruit. Ridgerunners are also fond of artful verse, though the subject matter is almost all about fruit. Ridgerunners are not very dangerous, as it is said that as long as you are not a fruit, a Ridgderunner won't eat you, but they can be bribed with fruit to do almost anything. They joined Gnag the Nameless during the Wingfeather War because he had offered them storehouses full of fruit. It is unknown if they live in groups or have family bonds, but it is likely since Kalmar Wingfeather met a group of them slaying Trolls.

Known Ridgerunners

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