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Podo Helmer was the father of Nia Helmer Wingfeather and grandfather of Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli Wingfeather.

Podo was once a dragon hunter, but settled down and took care of the farm at the Igiby Cottage in Glipwood Township. His duties on the farm include growing totatoes, and chasing and bagging the thwaps that try to steal them for their baby thwaplings.


Early LifeEdit

Podo was born in Glipwood Township, Skree, and grew up in a cottage built by his great-great-great-great-grandfather Edd Helmer.[1] When he was a teenager, he stole Growlfist the Strander King's pone, thereby earning the respect of the stranders.[2]

While a strander, Podo was sent by Growlfist to Bylome Falls to fell some wood out of which Growlfist made a treasure box. A rumor was spread by a drunken strander that this treasure box was bottomless. A man named Wyle heard of this rumor and kidnapped Podo, forcing him to show where he got the wood. Podo escaped through one of Wyle's magic cupboards, which led to the Jungles of Plontst.[3]

During his time on the Strand, Podo fell in love with another strander named Nurgabog. Their relationship ended when Podo left the Strand.[2]

Pre-Great WarEdit

After leaving the Strand, Podo became a dragoneer. His last and most famous voyage as a dragoneer was when he took command of the Gilded Whilly. He convinced Captain Whilly and his crew that he could kill four sea dragons in a single day. Podo led the Gilded Whilly to the Sunken Mountains while the dangerous adult dragons were away in Glipwood. The dragoneers succeeded in capturing four sqwryms before Podo injured - but did not kill - a fifth. After that, they were charged by a half-grown wyrm. They managed to kill it, but lost the Gilded Whilly, the four sqwyrms, and Podo's left leg. Afterward, Podo made himself a stump to replace is leg.[4]

After the fateful voyage of the Gilded Whilly, Podo became a pirate.

Eventually, Podo made his way to Ban Rona, Green Hollows, where he fell in love with Zola May Rubleshaw. He began to court her after receiving permission from her father, who was a fabric and wicker merchant. Podo gave up pirating and found a job chopping glipper fish. While courting Zola May, Podo met the Rubleshaw's servant, Wendolyn Igiby. As he continued his courtship, Podo began to like Wendolyn more and Zola May less. Finally, he left Zola May and attempted to court Wendolyn.[5]

Wendolyn's father, Kargan Igiby, did not approve of his daughter courting an outsider like Podo, and made sure Podo was beaten any time he came near Wendolyn. After a year, Podo realized that the only way to win Kargan's respect was to compete in the Bannick Durga. In the Bannick Durga, Podo failed the first two events. In the third event, he found MacDullogh's boot first, but when he reached the Field of Finley with it, he was beaten out of consciousness and the boot was taken from him. However, his efforts earned him the respect and friendship of Kargan Igiby. With Kargan's permission, Podo married Wendolyn.[5]

Years later, Esben Wingfeather, High King of Anniera, married Podo and Wendolyn's daughter Nia. Podo and Wendolyn moved to the Shining Isle to live with the royal couple.

The Great WarEdit

When Gnag the Nameless's army invaded Anniera, Podo escaped with Nia and her children and sailed to the Skree, where they moved into the cottage in which Podo had grown up in.[1]

Post-Great WarEdit

Podo lived peacefully in the Igiby Cottage with Nia, Janner, Tink, and Leeli for nine years. Podo worked the land to support his family.

Shortly preceding the start of the Wingfeather War, on the day after the Dragon Day Festival, Podo went with Janner and Tink to town. While the children helped Oskar N. Reteep unload a shipment of books at his bookstore, Podo visited Shaggy's tavern. Satisfied that his grandkids were safe, Podo went back home before they were done in order to return a shovel to the Fangs.[1]

The Wingfeather WarEdit

Three days after Dragon Day, the Igiby children returned to the bookstore, and Podo once again escorted them as far as Shaggy's tavern. After he had had a drink, he returned to the cottage, promising to come back to bring his grandchildren home before dark. While he was back home hoeing the garden, Janner and Tink came running home to tell him that Leeli had been kidnapped by Slarb the Fang, who was taking her into Glipwood Forest. Podo mounted Danny the carthorse and chased down Slarb. Podo never found Slarb, but after being attacked by a cave blat and a quill diggle, he found Leeli with Peet the Sockman in Peet's treehouse. Podo took Leeli safely home without further incident.

A few days later, Podo met with Peet. He told Peet to stay away from his grandchildren and hit him in the lip.

That same day, the Fangs ransacked the Igiby homestead. Podo attempted to resist, but was overcome by Fangs, who rendered him unconscious and bound him. Podo and his family were taken to the Glipwood jail until the Black Carriage arrived. While in the jail cell, Tink managed to escape his bonds. He then freed Podo and the rest of the family. When they were taken out to be put in the Black Carriage, Podo grabbed Commander Gnorm's dagger and prepared to fight the Fangs while Nia, Janner, Tink, and Leeli fled. However, one of the Fangs clubbed Podo from behind. The family was quickly subdued again. However, as the Igibys entered the Carriage, Peet came running to their rescue. He incapacitated five Fangs before the rest could even think to do something. Podo and Peet fought and beat all sixteen of the Fangs that were stationed at the Glipwood jail. Janner assisted in slaying Commander Gnorm. After the fight, Oskar N. Reteep ushered the Igibys into his bookstore to decide what to do next. After assuring the citizens that they would figure something out, Podo decided that the only safe place for the Jewels of Anniera were the Ice Praries. He told the Glipfolk that they could either burn with the town or flee, then headed back to the cottage to gather some supplies.


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