“I fear your brother broken by the shadows of the world. He seeks not light but light's power, and thus has come to love the darkness.”
Dwayne to Omer

Ouster Will (OW-stir will[1]) was the son of the First Fellows, Dwayne and Gladys. He was the villain in many Hollish nursery rhymes. Here is a excerpt from one of those rhymes:

Ouster Will, Ouster Will

He breaths on your ankles beneath your bed,

Waits 'til you sleeping and sneaks in you head,

Darkens your dreams 'til you wish you were dead

Under the ground on the graveyard hill.

With Ouster Will, Ouster Will.

He tickles your neck like a spider's twine,

Smells like the sweat of a snorting swine,

Shivers your bones and rattles your spine

Grins in the dark of the windowsill.

- Ouster Will, a Hollish Nursery Rhyme


Early Life

Yurgen, whom Ouster Will tricked

Ouster Will was the second-born son of Dwayne and Gladys, the first fellows. He somehow knew that his parents were letting his older brother, Omer, in on secrets that they did not tell him. He became very hungry for power at an early age. This is why the second-born takes the throne in Anniera, and the first-born becomes Throne Warden.

The Ancient Stones

The First Well, which Will inadvertently displaced

Janner Wingfeather holding an Ancient Stone

Ouster Will was set on finding the ancient stones beneath the earth, that were said to give someone limitless power. He came up with a plan to do this. He impersonated his brother, Omer, and slew the son of Yurgen, the king of the dragons. He claimed that this was accidental, and that Yurgen's son could be healed using the Ancient Stones. Yurgen burrowed and burrowed underneath the surface of Aerwiar. This submerged much of the Dragon Kingdom, and separated Anyara from the rest of Dang. Eventually, Yurgen broke of two tiny flecks of ancient stone, now called the Holoré, and Holoél. Yurgen's son was beyond the healing of the stones. Yurgen found out that it was really Ouster Will who had killed his son, he became furious and moved his kingdom to the depths of the Dark Sea of Darkness. This is how the First Epoch ended.

Later Life

Bonifer Squoon, whom Ouster Will hired

Gnag the Nameless, who killed him

Ouster Will began to do experiments with melding using the Holoré and Holoél. Many of the animals that he melded together were bought from Bonifer Squoon. None of his meldings ended up being very useful, though, and decided he needed to test it on a person. Bonifer Squoon smuggled Davion Wingfeather, son of Madia Wingfeather, to Castle Throg, where Ouster Will lived. Davion was born crippled. Ouster Will decided not to meld him. Davion was never told his name. Bonifer told him that he was abandoned because he was crippled. Davion came up with a name that he thought would fit his ugly nature: Gnag. Ouster Will had been using the water from the First Well to keep himself alive for Epochs, but when Yurgen had done his Burrowing, the well was also misplaced. Ouster Will began to worry that he would die, and became very angry and frustrated. Gnag killed him in his sleep, and drank the small bottle of water form the first well himself. He hoped that it would heal him. It did not. Near the end of book four, Gnag gives the skull of Ouster Will to Yurgen in hopes of an "alliance."

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