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Oskar Noss Reteep, Appreciator of the Neat, the Strange, and/or the Yummy, was the proprietor of Books and Crannies in Glipwood Township, and later the head librarian for the Great Library in Ban Rona.


Post-Great War

In the years after the Great War, Oskar travelled around Skree and even Dang, salvaging any books he could find. These books he brought back to Books and Crannies, his bookstore, in Glipwood Township.

Wingfeather War

During the Wingfeather War, Oskar traveled with the Wingfeathers from Glipwood to Dugtown, and from there to the Ice Prairies and the Green Hollows. While in Ban Rona, Green Hollows, Oskar and Bonifer Squoon translated The First Book which Esben Wingfeather had given his son Janner Wingfeather.

Post-Wingfeather War

After the Wingfeather War, Oskar became the head librarian of the Great Library in Ban Rona. He traveled to Yorsha Doon, where he traded the only known copy of Feasting in the Woes with the first edition of Tales of the Battles of the Wars of the Woes of Shreve of Dang of Aerwiar, autographed by Prince Majah. While in Yorsha Doon, Oskar also wrote the tale of Safiki's parents, as told by Safiki's mamada.

Personality and Traits

Oskar is described as a round man with a short white beard. He is completely bald except for a few small wisps of hair that he tries to comb over his head to (unsuccessfully) hide his baldness.

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