Maraly Weaver is a strander who lived on the bank of the River Blapp with her father, Claxton Weaver, the clan chief.


Maraly is a 12 year old girl who lived with the stranders of the East Bend.

Maraly met the Wingfeather/Igibys in Glipwood Forest, outside of the East Bend. She befrended Kalmar later.

When Kalmar ran back to the stranders and Claxton caged him, Maraly tried to help and got caged herself! Later she escaped and helped Janner get to the Ice Prairies, where she met Gammon.

Maraly showed her skills on the way to the Ice Prairies by providing food and killing Snickbuzzards.

She was adopted by Gammon (The Florid Sword) and later became 'Shadowblade', his companion, foe of all fangs and criminals.

During the Wingfeather's exploits during the war in the Green Hollows, Maraly befrended Sara Cobbler

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