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Leeli Wingfeather (Leeli Igiby) (LEE-lee IG-ih-bee[1]) is the third child and only daughter of Esben Wingfeather and Nia (Igiby) Helmer. Because of the succession rules of Anniera, Leeli is the Song Maiden of Anniera. Her two older brothers are Janner and Kalmar (Tink). Leeli has a lame leg and a little dog named Nugget, and she plays a musical instrument called the Whistleharp.


Early Life

Leeli was born to Esben Wingfeather and Nia Helmer Wingfeather in the year 442 of the Fourth Epoch. For the very beginnings of her life, she lived in Castle Rysen, where she was born.

Great War

Sometime during the year that Leeli was born, Anniera was invaded by fangs. Leeli and her family managed to escape the burning Castle Rysen. The Wingfeathers crossed the Dark Sea of Darkness and arrived in Skree, where they lived for nine years under the surname Igiby, their grandmother on their mother's side's last name, watched (unknown to them) by Artham Wingfeather, who was then called Peet the Sock Man.

Wingfeather War

The day of the Dragon Day Festival in Glipwood, Nugget (Leeli's dog) ran away. Leeli followed him and found him in the grip of a Fang. She whacked the Fang with her crutch and kicked it, earning her nickname Lizardkicker. Her brothers, Janner and Tink (Kalmar), noticed she was gone when they heard her scream. They came to her aid, when suddenly, two rocks were thrown and the two Fangs torturing the siblings were knocked out.

They returned home, where they told Podo what had happened. Podo called Leeli "Lizardkicker" before he and Nia moved to another room to discuss the events while the children had cheesy chowder. Nia at that time suspected it was Peet (Artham Wingfeather) who had thrown the rocks at the Fangs and saved them, but she told Podo not to tell the children. Only she and Podo knew the real connection that Peet had to Nia's children.


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