Kalmar "Tink" Wingfeather is the second son of Esben and Nia Wingfeather. The High King of Anniera at the end of the Fourth Epoch and into the Fifth Epoch, Kalmar helped defeat Gnag the Nameless and restore the Shining Isle.


Early Life

Kalmar was born to Esben Wingfeather and Nia Helmer Wingfeather in 4/440. Kalmar lived at Castle Rysen for two years until the Great War began.

Great War

In 4/442, Gnag the Nameless invaded the Shining Isle of Anniera. The Annierans were quickly overrun, and Castle Rysen was destroyed. Kalmar escaped with his grandfather Podo Helmer, his mother, and his two siblings.

The survivors sailed to Skree, where they lived in hiding for nine years under the surname Igiby.

Wingfeather War

In 4/451, the Wingfeathers were found out by the Gnag the Nameless's army. The Wingfeathers, along with Oskar Reteep fled from the Fangs through Glipwood Forest in an effort to reach the Ice Prairies.

The Wingfeathers arrived at the Strand, where Kalmar swiped Claxton Weaver's pone, making him leader of Claxton's clan. However, the family soon moved on to Dugtown.

While in Dugtown, Kalmar and his brother Janner got separated from their family. Kalmar left Janner to go back to The Strand, where he was captured and put into the Black Carriage. Kalmar was taken to the Phoob Islands where he was turned into a Gray Fang. After his transformation, Kalmar was freed by Artham Wingfeather, who brought him to Kimera in the Ice Praries where he was reunited with his family.

The Wingfeathers sailed to Ban Rona in the Green Hollows, where they attempted to live a normal life. But when the Green Hollows were threatened by the Fang armies, Kalmar and Janner infiltrated Castle Throg to stop Gnag. Their mission ultimately failed, however, and they were captured by Gnag, who took them to Anniera to open the Fane of Fire.

Post-Wingfeather War

After Gnag the Nameless was defeated at the Field of Finley, Janner sacrificed himself to un-fang Kalmar and the rest of the surviving Fangs.

Soon after, Kalmar, Artham, Nia, Leeli, Oskar N. Reteep, and Sara Cobbler went on a quest to find the First Well.


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