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Kalmar Wingfeather (Kalmar Igiby) (KAL-mar IG-ih-bee[1]) is the second son of Esben and Nia Wingfeather. Before, and for a short period after he discovered his true heritage he prefered to be called Tink. He was the High King of Anniera at the end of the Fourth Epoch and into the Fifth Epoch. He helped defeat Gnag the Nameless and restore the Shining Isle.


Early Life

The Igiby Cottage

Kalmar was born to Esben Wingfeather and Nia Helmer Wingfeather in 4/440. Kalmar lived at Castle Rysen for two years until the Great War began.

Great War

In 442, Fourth Epoch Gnag the Nameless invaded the Shining Isle of Anniera. The Annierans were quickly overrun, and Castle Rysen was destroyed. Kalmar escaped with his grandfather Podo Helmer, his mother, and his two siblings.

The survivors sailed to Skree, where they lived in hiding for nine years under the surname Igiby.

Wingfeather War

Kalmar at Books and Crannies

Nine years after the Great War, Kalmar and his older brother, Janner were watching a game of Zibzy, when his younger sister Leeli wandered off. They were captured all capture by the fang Slarb after Slarb was kicked by Leeli. Nia, his mother, offered jewelry and maggotloaf to Commander Gnorm, the local leader of the Fangs, in exchange for her children. The next day, Kalmar and his brother Janner went to Books and Crannies, where Kalmar discovered a map drawn by Oskar N. Reteep, the owner of Books and Crannies. The map showed the main street of the Glipwood Township, and lead to Anklejelly Manor. The map showed the Seal of Anniera, above which a the text "The Jewels of Anniera". Janner and Kalmar thought that the Jewels of Anniera must be hidden at Anklejelly Manor. The next day, Janner and Kalmar went to Anklejelly Manor and found a room full of weapons. When Commander Gnorm met with General Khrak, leader of all fangs, Gnorm gave Khrak one of the amulets that Nia had given him, marked with the Seal of Anniera. Gnag the Nameless, Khrak's master, had been looking everywhere for the Jewels of Anniera, and Khrak realized that the owner of the amulet must be the owner of the Jewels. The Wingfeathers were captured by the Fangs, but Janner, Podo, and Peet the Sock Man slew all of the fangs before they could be put in the Black Carriage and taken to Gnag the Nameless. Kalmar and his family hid in the secret room of Anklejelly Manor, where Podo Helmer and Artham Wingfeather made a stand against the Fangs. Afterward, Janner and his family retreated to the temporary safety of Peet's treehouse. While at Peet's Treehouse, it was revealed that Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli were the Jewels of Anniera, and that their last name was actually Wingfeather, not Igiby. She also revealed that their father was Esben Wingfeather, High King of Anniera. It was revealed that because of Anniera's kingship system, that Kalmar was the heir to the throne. This was something that Janner grappled with for the course of the series because he thought that Kalmar did not deserve to be the king.

Journey to Kimera

When the Fangs advanced again, however, the Wingfeathers began to move north to Kimera, where a rebellion was brewing. The rebeillion was in the north because the regular Fangs hated the cold, and would not survive a battle, as shown with Zigrit. The Wingfeathers then had to cross Miller's Bridge to cross the River Blapp. Here, they were attacked by Trolls and Fangs. Nugget, Leeli's dog, sacrificed himself to get the family across the bridge. The family was then captured by the Stranders of the East Bend. Podo, having once been a strander himself, knew the nature of the Stranders and thought that he could allow the Stranders to release them if he told them a story. He told them a story about how he stole the pone of Growlfist the Strander KingClaxton Weaver, leader of the Stranders, did not believe that the story was true, however, and did not allow them to be freed. Instead, he wanted to throw the Wingfeathers into the River Blapp. Kalmar was able to pickpocket many items, including Claxton's Pone. Because he stole the pone, which was a medallion, he became the leader of the strand. The family stayed in the East Bend for a time, during which Kalmar befriended Maraly Weaver. Maraly was the daughter of Claxton Weaver and she played Tackleball against Kalmar. Later in the series, she helped Janner reach Kimera. Kalmar was able to grant his family passage through Strander territory and made it to Dugtown. While in Dugtown, Kalmar decided he did not want to be a Wingfeather anymore. and ran back to the Strander Territory, in hopes he could join them. However, he was wrong. Claxton Weaver had regained power by that point, and when Kalmar arrived, sent him away on the Black Carriage.

The Phoob Islands

After being put in the Black Carriage, Kalmar was put on a ship and taken to the Phoob Islands to be Fanged by Amrah the Stonekeeper. He claimed that his name was Weaver, so Amrah did not turn him into a fang, and instead took him to Gnag the Nameless. Artham Wingfeather was also detained at the time, and he stopped Kalmar from singing the entire song. Artham harnessed the hawk that was melded within him, and sprouted wings. He took Kalmar, who was now a fang, and flew away. When Artham and Kalmar arrived at the ship that the Wingfeathers were using to escape the battle, he wanted so badly to escape that he jumped into the cold water of the Dark Sea of Darkness. Janner jumped in after him, and Kalmar tried to kill him, and gravely injured him, though Janner did survive. On the Journey to Ban Rona, Janner would tell Kalmar stories about the time before he was fanged. Eventually, he remembered who he was and his eyes turned blue, instead of the yellow of Fang eyes.

The Green Hollows

When he arrived in Green Hollows, the Hollowsfolk thought that Kalmar was an actual fang and locked him in the dungeon. He was able to be freed and escape execution when his mother, Nia, declared Turalay. This made it so if Kalmar would be punished, his mother would receive the same punishment. When the Kalmar, Janner, and Leeli had to go to school, Kalmar wanted to join the Durgan Guild. Janner was not happy about this because since he was Kalmar's Throne Warden, he had to join the same guild as his brother, despite wanting to join the Bookbindery Guild. While living in the Hollows, Kalmar and his family lived at Chimney Hill, which was owned by his great-grandfather Kargan Igiby. The house was kept by Freva Longhunter. Until the Wingfeathers moved to the Green Hollows, Bonifer Squoon lived at the house. Kalmar was bullied frequently at the school, but he made a few friends in the Durgan Guild such as Joe Bill, Morsha, and Quincy. During the time in the Green Hollows, Kalmar began to fall victim to his wolf instincts and started eating the Livestock of Hollowsfolk. He had also been feeding a Cloven who was melded with a bear. This Cloven was later revealed to be Kalmar's father, Esben Wingfeather. He was thought to have died, but had actually been captured, taken to Castle Throg, and melded with a bear. When his father had left Throg, he found the city of Clovenfast, where he lived for many years. Bonifer Squoon kidnapped Bonnie, the baby daughter of Freva Longhunter, and people assumed Kalmar had eaten the child. The hollowsfolk were outraged, and wanted to execute Kalmar. Because Nia had declared Turalay, she also had to be executed. Bonifer Squoon claimed that royalty could not be executed, only deported. The Hollowsfolk did not listen to Bonifer, but before they could execute Nia and Kalmar, Esben Wingfeather came into the Keep of Ban Rona holding Bonnie. Kalmar is decided to be innocent. Bonifer Squoon then led an army of Fangs into Ban Rona. It turned out that Bonifer Squoon had been working for Gnag the Nameless the whole time. The Wingfeather children were saved from the clutches of Bonifer by Esben, but at the expense of Esben's own life. He died from the injuries he recieved during the battle. Unlike most cloven, he did not turn to dust when he died.

End of the War

After Esben's death, the Hollowsfolk began preparing for war. All of the tribes pledged their allegiance to Kalmar. Janner turned thirteen around this time, and was Blindplopped. Blindplopping is a Durgan tradition where a Durgan Guildling is placed somewhere in the forest and they must find their way back to Ban Rona. During this time a battle started in Ban Rona. Bat Fangs began to appear in swarms. During the battle, Kalmar delivered the message to the warriors at the Field of Finley to deliver arrows to the Keep. Afterword, however Kalmar felt himself become more like a fang and forgot who he was for a minute. He knew that soon, he would be a fang completely, and decided to try to face Gnag the Nameless alone in Castle Throg. On his quest to Castle Throg, he came across a band of Ridgerunners that had battled Janner and Oood. He told them that he had orders from General Fithyhoop(who didn't really exist) that there was a storehouse of fruit near a lake shaped like a shoe. He made this story up, but after a seventeen year quest the Ridgerunners discovered a lake in the shape of a shoe in the Jungles of Plonst. This quest became known as the Fithyhoop Quandary. Soon after finding the ridgerunners, Kalmar found Janner and Oood the Troll, who joined him on his quest.

The Blackwood

When Janner, Kalmar, and Oood made it to the Blackwood, they were attacked by herd of toothy cows. They barely survived the stampede by taking refuge in the Cloven city Clovenfast.  They went to the cave that had once belonged to their father. Some of the cloven guided the boys and Oood to Castle Throg. As they got closer to the Castle, however, the cloven started to go insane. They attacked Oood and the boys. Oood was able to protect them, but he was gravely injured. In the morning, Janner and Kalmar found that Oood's body had disappeared. It was later revealed that he had found the First Well and used its water to heal himself.

Castle Throg

When they arrived at Castle Throg, Kalmar forgot who he was, like the fangs and many cloven, and ran of into the dark corridors of the castle. He acted as a guard in the room where the Stonekeeper Murgah melded Fangs. When he sees Janner enter the room, he remembers who he is and saves Janner from being Fanged. Janner uses the light of the Ancient Stone used to meld fangs in Throg to escape, since fangs are scared by the light that the stone produces. They find Bonifer Squoon in the hallways who steals the stone in order to meld himself with a spider. They run away from him and lead him to some of Gnag's Trolls who crush him. The trolls help them because of their friendship with Oood. he trolls lower the boys down the chasm using a gondola, but the boys are captured by Murgah, who takes them to Leeli to Castle Rysen. There Gnag used Janner and his siblings' powers to open the Fane of Fire, from which Gnag retrieved a large portion of Holoré. Gnag uses the stone to meld himself with Yurgen, king of the Dragons. Janner and his siblings returned with Gnag to Ban Rona. Gnag, the Fangs, and Ridgerunners all attack Ban Rona. The Sea dragons, led by Hulwen join the battle. The battle looks hopeless, but at the last minute, Oood appears, along with an army of cloven. Oood uses the water from the First Well to restore the dragons' fins to wings. In the end, the battle is won when Oskar N. Reteep tells Gnag that he has a name: Davion Wingfeather. Gnag realizes that all that he did was wrong, and dies, turning to dust.

Post-Wingfeather War

After Gnag the Nameless was defeated at the Field of Finley, Janner uses an ancient stone to meld himself with most of the fangs and cloven, Kalmar included, to change them back to humans. He renames all of the Cloven and Fangs who had forgotten their names. Sara Cobbler, Nia Igiby, Kalmar Wingfeather, and Leeli Wingfeather are seen at the end of Book Four boarding Hulwen, taking Janner's body, on a quest to find the First Well, in the hopes that Janner could be healed.

Personality and Traits

Human Form

Kalmar facing his fear of heights

While he was human, Kalmar had blue eyes and was slightly shorter than Janner. He had a terrible fear of heights, and when he was young was terrified just from being on the shoulders of his grandfather, Podo. Despite being afraid of heights, he was exceptional at running. He had a somewhat sloppy nature and was prone to eating frequently and in sloppily. He has a very adventurous spirit and often doesn't think much about his decisions. He has little fear of danger, and often prefers going toward it instead of away. Kalmar was embarrassed when he found out that he was the king of Anniera. During much of the series he prefered to be called Tink rather than Kalmar because he did not consider or want himself to be important or powerful, and the name Tink suited this idea better than Kalmar. Because he preferred informality, he was drawn to joining the Stranders. This, combined with the struggle he had gone through, caused him to rebuke his past and join the Stranders.

Fang Form

Kalmar as a Fang

When Kalmar became a Fang, he forgot who he was and suffered at the sound of his own name. He was covered in grey fur and his eyes turned yellow, though he stayed the same height. He also became much stronger. He acted like the other fangs until he remembered who he was. After he remembered, his eyed turned blue again and he acted similar to how he did before he was fanged. Despite this, he had occasional wolfish compulsions, such as eating live animals and staying in a den.

Skills and Abilities

Kalmar shooting a bow

  • Artistic Abilities: Being the second-born of the Annieran Royal Bloodline, Kalmar was taught art, or form, one of the T.H.A.G.S. Kalmar was referred to as the Shaper by Gnag the Nameless. While doing art, Kalmar often sticks his tongue out of the side of his mouth
  • Archery: Throughout the series, Kalmar was shown to be quite apt at doing archery. He was first taught by Podo while he and his family stayed at Peet's Tree House. Janner claimed that Kalmar could out-shoot him and Podo. His skills improved further when he joined the Durgan Guild.
  • Enhanced Senses(Temporarily): While he was a Fang, Kalmar had enhanced senses of smell and hearing.
  • Superhuman Speed(Temporarily): Kalmar was always very fast, and could outrun even Stranders. When he became a Fang, this ability became even stronger, and he could run faster than anyone in Ban Rona.
  • Opener of the Fane of Fire: Along with the help of his siblings, Kalmar is able to open the Fane of Fire. If he traces a specific symbol in the air that is written in one of the First Books, his brother recites the words written in the book, and his sister plays the melody written in the book on her Whistleharp, than the Fane will open.
  • Walk in the Fane of Fire: Because he is the High King of Anniera, Kalmar is the only person allowed to walk with The Maker in the Fane of Fire.
  • Sneakery: As a member of the Durgan Guild, Kalmar is a master of sneakery. Even Guild master Clout says that Kalmar can sneak better then anyone.

Residence Timeline


Bonifer Squoon, Kalmar's friend turned enemy.

Bonifer Squoon was originally Kalmar's friend, but revealed later that he was really serving Gnag the Nameless.

When the Wingfeathers arrived in Ban Rona, he was the first person who really showed them kindness. He bowed to Kalmar and did not seem at all unnerved that he was a Fang. He gave the family Chimney Hill, which they had inherited from the children's great-grandfather Kargan Igiby. He also helped Oskar translate one of the First Books that Janner had been given by his father.

Later in the year, though, Bonifer came up with a plan to take the Wingfeathers to Gnag the Nameless. He kidnapped Bonnie, daughter of the housekeeper of Chimney Hill Freva Longhunter, so that the Hollowsfolk would believe that Kalmar had eaten her. The Hollowsfolk wanted him to be punished, and because Nia had declared Turalay upon Kalmar, she would also be punished. Bonifer wanted to show the Hollowsfolk Article Seven of the Chumply Amendment, which stated that Royalty could not be executed, only exiled. Because the family would not want to be separate, He planned to take all of the Wingfeathers away on a boat and take them to Castle Throg were Gnag the Nameless dwelt. Bonifer's plan failed though, because the Hollowsfolk would not allow Kalmar to live, and would not repeal the execution. Before Kalmar and Nia were executed, Esben, who was a bear Cloven at the time, came into the room holding Bonnie and Kalmar was decided to be innocent. Bonifer was not willing to have his plan fail, though, and lead one thousand Grey Fangs into Ban Rona. He failed again though, and swam all the way to Castle Throg.

When Janner and Kalmar went on a Quest to castle Throg, they found Bonifer Quoon wandering through the hallways. They had just stolen one of the Ancient Stones that Murgah had used to meld Fangs. He pried it out of Kalmar's Fingers and allowed a shiny black spider to crawl across him as he sang the Song of the Ancient Stones and melded himself with the spider. Bonifer was then killed by a group of Trolls.

Gnag the Nameless was an enemy that Kalmar had throughout the series. He was always looking for the Jewels of Anniera so that he could use them to open the Fane of Fire and meld himself with a Dragon.


Janner Wingfeather

Janner was Kalmar's brother. They had a very close but often uncomfortable relationship. They had conflicting personalities, but were forced to befriend each other because Janner was Throne Warden and Kalmar was High King. Janner often felt that Kalmar did not deserve to be the High King of Anniera because of his informal and impulsive nature. Janner felt that he should be the king because he was older and more king-like. Kalmar did not always like Janner being Throne Warden either, as seen when he ran away from him in Dugtown, saying that he did not want protection. This moment would haunt Janner for a long time, and in the end Janner decided that he would not fail his duties again.

After Kalmar was fanged, he tried to kill Janner when Janner attempted to rescue him after Kalmar jumped of the Enramere. While Kalmar was chained next to Janner on the Enramere, Janner would tell him stories about their old life in hopes that Kalmar would remember who he was.

After Kalmar remembered who he was, Kalmar and Janner began to fit into their roles of High King and Throne Warden. Kalmar regretted running away from Janner in Dugtown because it ultimately led to his demise, and seemed to want to redeem himself.

Janner was still resentful of Kalmar at times. When Janner and Kalmar went to school, Janner wanted to join the Bookbindery Guild, but Kalmar had no interest in it and wanted to join the Durgan Guild. Janner was forced to join the Durgan Guild because he was throne warden.

Nia was Kalmar's mother.

Leeli was Kalmar's sister.

Podo was Kalmar's gandfather.

Esben is Kalmar's father. After Kalmar arrived in The Green Hollows, he tended to him when believing that it was just an injured cloven. It was later revealed that it was actually his father, Esben. During the final weeks of the Fourth Epoch, Kalmar and his brother, Janner Wingfeather find his den where it's revealed that Esben thought of them all during the nine years.

Artham is Kalmar's uncle. Before he was revealed to be his uncle, he was a common entertainment that he and his siblings would watch.


Maraly Weaver, Kalmar's friend.

Maraly Weaver is one of the friends that Kalmar had before being fanged. She was the Strander who captured the Wingfeathers. At first, she was quite cold to them and just wanted to find the toothy cow that she speared. Maraly and the other stander children captured the Wingfeathers and stole all of their things. She then took the family to the Strander camp.

Later, Kalmar stole her father's pone, dagger, and than knocked him out. Because he stole the pone, Kalmar became the new leader of the clan. Maraly was excited when Kalmar did this, as she hated her father. She kissed Kalmar on the cheek and became more friendly towards him. The day after, she played Tackleball against him and told him that he would make a good Strander. This statement was one of the reasons that Kalmar went back to the Strander lands when he separated from Janner in Dugtown. After Claxton Weaver, Maraly's father, sent Kalmar away on the Black Carriage, he never saw Maraly again.


  • Kalmar: Kalmar's first name, Kalmar, is a Scandinavian name of unknown origin or meaning. It is also the name of a town in Sweden.
  • Wingfeather: Kalmar's last name, Wingfeather, was created by Andrew Peterson. The Wingfeathers are the family that rule Anniera. The word wingfeather is also used by falconers to refer to the feathers on the wings of a bird.