Janner Wingfeather (Janner Igiby) (JAN-ur IG-ih-bee[1]) was the eldest son of Esben and Nia Wingfeather, and brother of Kalmar and Leeli Wingfeather. As the firstborn , he became Throne Warden of Anniera at the end of the Fourth Epoch. Janner was the first Throne Warden after the restoration of Anniera and helped defeat Gnag the Nameless.


Early Life

Janner was born in the Castle Rysen on the Shining Isle of Anniera. He is the oldest son of Esben and Nia Wingfeather, and because he is the oldest sibling of the Annierian bloodline, it is his birthright to be given the title of Throne Warden, the defender of the High King (his little brother, Kalmar). When he was just three years old, Gnag the Nameless and his army invaded Anniera, and he was forced to flee to Skree with his two siblings, his mother Nia and his grandfather Podo Helmer.

While at sea, a great storm arose and sped the Wingfeathers' ship ahead of the Fangs and the Sea Dragons so that they arrived safely in Skree just a few days later.

For the next nine years, the family lived in hiding from Gnag in the Glipwood Township under the surname Igiby -maternal grandmother, Wendolyn Igiby Helmer-. They lived in the house built by Edd Helmer where Podo had grown up. The cottage became known as the Igiby Cottage.

Wingfeather War

Nine years after the Great War, Janner and his siblings were captured by the Slarb the Fang after Leeli kicked him. Nia offered jewelry and maggotloaf to Commander Gnorm, the local leader of the Fangs, in return for her children.

Days later, Janner and Kalmar went to Books and Crannies, where Kalmar discovered a map of Glipwood drawn by Oskar N. Reteep that featured Anklejelly Manor and spoke of the Jewels of Anniera.

The next day Janner and Kalmar followed the map to Anklejelly Manor and discovered a chamber of weapons hidden beneath the ruined building.

When Janner and Kalmar returned to the Igiby Cottage, they found the barn on fire and Nia, Podo, and Leeli captured by the Fangs. Janner and Kalmar were soon bound as well and the family was put in the Glipwood Jail to await the Black Carriage.

During their brief imprisonment, Kalmar managed to free himself and the other family members. When the family were led out to the Carriage, Podo and Janner, joined by Peet the Sockman, slew the Fangs and took shelter in Books and Crannies.

Janner and his family hid in the secret room of Anklejelly Manor, where Podo Helmer and Artham Wingfeather made a stand against the Fangs. Afterward, Janner and his family retreated to the temporary safety of Peet's treehouse. While at Peet's Treehouse, it was revealed that Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli were the Jewels of Anniera, and that their last name was actually Wingfeather, not Igiby. She also revealed that their father was Esben Wingfeather, High King of Anniera. Janner assumed that since his father had died, and that he was the firstborn, that he was the king of Anniera. His mother tells him that Anniera's Kingship system is not normal, and Kalmar is King, being the second born. Janner's title was Throne Warden, protector of the King. Janner found this unfair and reveled with it through the course of the series.

Journey to Kimera

When the Fangs advanced again, however, they began to move north to Kimera, where a rebellion was brewing. The rebeillion was in the north because the Green Fangs hated the cold and would not survive a battle, as shown with Zigrit. Along the way, Janner had to battle a Gargan rockroach, and defeated it using the water from the First Well left over from healing Podo Helmer and Nugget, Leeli's dog. The Wingfeathers then had to cross Miller's Bridge, where they were attacked by Trolls and Fangs. Nugget sacrificed himself to get the family across. The family was then captured by the Stranders of the East Bend. Podo, having once been a strander himself, knew the nature of the Stranders and tried to encourage the troup to let them free by enlightening the Stranders with a story of his capers (his hard worked-on passion at last coming to some good use). He told them a story about how he stole the pone of Growlfist the Strander King. Claxton Weaver did not believe that the story was true, though, and did not allow them to be freed and wanted to throw the Wingfeathers into the River Blapp. Luckily, Kalmar stole Claxton's pone, a medallion, making him the new strand leader. They gained passage through Strander territory and made it to Dugtown. While in Dugtown, Janner and Kalmar were separated from their family. Kalmar decided he did not want to be a Wingfeather anymore and ran back to the strander territory, ion hopes he could join them.

Fork Factory

Janner was captured by an old lady and taken to the Fork Factory, the place where children were forced to make weapons and armor for the Fangs. He claimed that his name was Esben Flavogle, and was put at the station where he pared the weapons. He attempted to escape, but was stopped by the maintenance managers and put in the Coffin for two days. While at the factory he reunited with a girl from Torrborro named Sara Cobbler, who he had met a year ago when her family had passed through the Glipwood Township during the Dragon Day Festival. He remembered that his mother had been crying because Sara had been captured by the Black Carriage. It confused him that she was her, because children taken by the black carriage went Fort Lamendron, and then on to Castle Throg. He discovered that some of the children that were taken by the Black Carriage were taken to the Fork Factory instead of Throg. He and Sara came up with a plan to escape the factory, but only Janner escaped. After that, he dreamed about Sara frequently and talked about her in his sleep. He promised himself that he would save her. Upon his return to the Strander lands, Janner found that his brother had been sent away on the Black Carriage. Along with the help of Maraly Weaver, the daughter of Claxton Weaver, he made his way to Kimera. There he met up with Nia, Leeli, and Podo.

Battle of Kimera

Gammon Felda, the leader of the rebellion, used the Wingfeather children as bait to draw in Gnag the Nameless's new army of Grey Fangs to Kimera. He claimed that he would give Janner and his siblings to the Fangs in return for the freedom of Skree. This was really a trick (one that the Wingfeathers themselves didn't know about); he actually wanted to destroy the Grey Fangs during a battle that later became known as the Battle of Kimera and have them on home territory so he could separate their ranks by releasing the underground river that sits under Kimera. During the Battle, Artham Wingfeather and Kalmar joined the family during their escape by sea. Kalmar was now a fang and attempted to kill himself by jumping into the icy water. Janner jumped into the ocean and saved his brother who clawed him and almost caused his death. The family sailed across the Dark Sea of Darkness to Ban Rona in the Green Hollows, hoping they would be safe there.

The Green Hollows

When they arrived in Green Hollows, at first Janner and his family were not accepted very well because his brother was a fang. Eventually, they were accepted for the most part. When the children had to go to school, Janner wanted to join the Bookbindery Guild, but his brother wanted to join the Durgan Guild. Since he was the Throne Warden, he had to join the Durgan Guild and help his brother, who was being bullied a lot. While living in the Hollows, Janner and his family lived at Chimney Hill, which was owned by his great-grandfather Kargan Igiby. Kalmar was found to have been devouring the livestock of the hollowsfolk. Bonnie, the baby daughter of Freva Longhunter, was also missing and people assumed Kalmar had eaten the child. The hollowsfolk were outraged, and wanted to execute Kalmar. Because Nia had declared Turalay, she also had to be executed. Bonifer Squoon claimed that royalty could not be executed, only deported. The Hollowsfolk did not listen to Bonifer, but before they could execute Nia and Kalmar, a massive Cloven that was melded with a bear came into the Keep of Ban Rona holding Bonnie. The cloven was revealed to be Esben Wingfeather, Janner's father, who had not died, only captured and melded with a bear. Kalmar is decided to be innocent. Bonifer Squoon then led an army of Fangs into Ban Rona. It turned out that Bonifer Squoon had been working for Gnag the Nameless the whole time. The Wingfeather children were saved by Esben from the clutches of Bonifer, but at the expense of Esben's own life. He died from the injuries he reeieved during the battle. Unlike most cloven, he did not turn to dust when he died.

End of the War

After Esben's death, the Hollowsfolk began preparing for war. All of the tribes pledged their allegiance to Kalmar. Janner turned thirteen around this time, and was Blindplopped. Blindplopping is a Durgan tradition where a Durgan Guildling is placed somewhere in the forest and they must find their way back to Ban Rona. During this time, Janner found a Troll named Oood who was an enemy of Gnag. A battle started in Ban Rona While Janner was Blindplopped. Bat Fangs began to appear in swarms. Kalmar was able to fight many of thef, but he felt himself become more like a fang and forgot who he was for a minute. He knew that soon, he would be a fang completely, and decided to try to face Gnag alone. On his quest to Castle Throg, he came across Janner and Oood, who joined him.

The Blackwood

When they made it to the Blackwood, they were attacked by herd of toothy cows. They barely survived the stampede by taking refuge in the Cloven city Clovenfast.  They went to the cave that had once belonged to their father. Some of the cloven guided the boys and Oood to Castle Throg. As they got closer that they got to the Castle, though, the cloven started to go insane. They attacked Oood and the boys. Oood was able to protect them, but he was gravely injured. In the morning, Janner and Kalmar found that Oood's body had disappeared. It was later revealed that he had found the First Well and used its water to heal himself.

Castle Throg

When they arrived at Castle Throg, Kalmar forgot who he was, like the fangs and many cloven, and ran of into the dark corridors of the castle. Janner Found the room where the Stonekeeper Murgah melded Fangs. He is almost convinced by Murgah into letting himself be fanged, but then decides not to when he sees Kalmar. He battles against Murgah, but she pushes him into the metal box where people are fanged. He finds a small compartment holding on of the Ancient Stones. He uses it to escape, since fangs are scared by the light that the stone produces. They find Bonifer Squoon in the hallways who steals the stone in order to meld himself with a spider. They run away from him and lead him to some of Gnag's Trolls who crush him. The trolls help them because of their friendship with Oood. he trolls lower the boys down the chasm using a gondola, but the boys are captured by Murgah, who takes them to Leeli to Castle Rysen. There Gnag used Janner and his siblings' powers to open the Fane of Fire, from which Gnag retrieved a large portion of Holoré. Gnag uses the stone to meld himself with Yurgen, king of the Dragons. Janner and his siblings returned with Gnag to Ban Rona. Gnag, the Fangs, and Ridgerunners all attack Ban Rona. The Sea dragons, led by Hulwen join the battle. The battle looks hopeless, but at the last minute, Oood appears, along with an army of cloven. Oood uses the water from the First Well to restore the dragons' fins to wings. In the end, the battle is won when Oskar N. Reteep tells Gnag that he has a name: Davion Wingfeather. Gnag realizes that all that he did was wrong, and dies, turning to dust.

Post-Wingfeather War

After Gnag the Nameless was defeated, Janner used the Ancient Stone to meld himself with the cloven and fangs, including Kalmar, to make them human again. When Sara arrived with the other orphans from the Fork Factory arrived in Anniera, she was heartbroken to find that Janner had died. Sara Cobbler, Nia Igiby, Kalmar Wingfeather, and Leeli Wingfeather are seen at the end of Book Four boarding Hulwen, taking Janner's body, on a quest to find the First Well, in the hopes that Janner could be healed.

Personality and Traits

Janner has blue eyes and is quite tall. At the beginning of On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, he had just gone through a growth spurt and said that he had "lost control of his limbs". His mother said that he was "all elbows and knees".

Janner is selfless, and will do anything to protect his siblings. He was displeased to be a Throne Warden and have to babysit his siblings, originally though he quickly grew to like the role.


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