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Janner Igiby (born Janner Wingfeather), eldest son of Esben and Nia Wingfeather, and brother of Kalmar Wingfeather and Leeli Wingfeather, was the Throne Warden of Anniera at the end of the Fourth Epoch. Janner was the first Throne Warden after the restoration of Anniera and helped defeat Gnag the Nameless.


Early Life

Janner was born in the Castle Rysen on the Shining Isle of Anneira. When he was just three years old, Gnag the Nameless and his army invaded Anneira, and he was forced to flee to Skree with his two siblings, his mother Nia and his grandfather Podo Helmer. The family then lived in hiding from Gnag in Glipwood Township for the next nine years under the surname Igiby.

Wingfeather War


Janner fighting in the Wingfeather War

Nine years later, Janner and his family were discovered by Commander Gnorm, the local leader of the Fangs. The Igibys were captured by the Fangs, but before they could be put in the Black Carriage, Peet the Sock Man aided in their escape.

Janner followed his family to the cellar of Anklejelly Manor, where Podo Helmer and Artham Wingfeather made a stand against the Fangs. Afterward, Janner and his family retreated to the temporary safety of Peet's treehouse.


Sara Cobbler, who helped him escape the Fork Factory

When the Fangs advanced again, however, they moved on to Dugtown. While in Dugtown, Janner was separated from his family. He was captured and taken to work at the dreaded Fork Factory under the false name Esben Flavogle. While there, he met Sara Cobbler, who helped him escape. He then made his way to Kimera with the Strander Maralay. There he met up with Nia, Leeli, and Podo.

During the Battle of Kimera, Artham Wingfeather and Kalmar joined the family and they travelled across the Dark Sea of Darkness to Ban Rona in the Green Hollows.

From the Green Hollows, Janner and his brother Kalmar infiltrated Gnag the Nameless's castle and attempted to stop him. However, their mission failed and they were captured by Gnag, who took them and their sister Leeli to Castle Rysen. There Gnag used Janner and his siblings' powers to open the Fane of Fire, from which Gnag retrieved a large portion of Holoré. Janner and his siblings returned with Gnag to Ban Rona, where, with the help of the sea dragons, they defeated Gnag.

Post-Wingfeather War

After Gnag the Nameless was defeated, Janner sacrificed himself and gave his life to un-Fang Kalmar and the rest of the Annierans. His family carried his body on a quest to find the First Well, in the hope that he could be healed.


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