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Gnag the Nameless (NAG[1]) (also known as the Nameless One and born Davion Wingfeather) was the lost son of Ortham and Madia Wingfeather. Using Ouster Will's fanging technology with the Holoré and the Holoél, Gnag created a fierce army and conquered the free lands of Skree during his quest for the Jewels of Anniera—Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli—in order to open the Fane of Fire.


Early Life

Davion Wingfeather was born a twin to Ortham and Madia Wingfeather, the High King and Queen of Anniera. Being the second born, Davion was destined to become the next High King. But while his brother Jru WingFeather was born healthy and strong, Davion was born weak and crippled.

Madia fell unconscious after naming Jru but before she could name Davion. While she was out, Bonifer Squoon, with the aid of Gineva the midwife and the Doonish wet nurse Murgah, took Davion to Castle Throg, where Ouster Will adopted him. Squoon told Ortham and Madia that the baby had died, and insisted on a secret burial.

Davion was raised by Ouster Will and Murgah, being taught that his mother and father had abandoned him because he was crippled.

The Great War

Davion succeeded Ouster Will as the Lord of Throg. In the 442nd year of the Fourth Epoch, Gnag and his Fang army invaded Anniera, capturing the High King Esben Wingfeather and his brother the Throne Warden Artham Wingfeather. When he realized that the King's children had escaped, he sailed his army across the Dark Sea of Darkness and conquered Skree, but could not find the children.

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