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“To be sure, Sneem, thou fiend, the Florid Sword hath run you through like unto a bolt of iron lightning piercing the watery depths of the Mighty Blapp, may she run wide and muddy all the days of mine own life! Flayed by my blade! Aha!”
— The Florid Sword

Gammon Felda, is a defiant leader of a rebellion in the Ice Prairies. While he is in his Florid Sword costume, he is a mysterious swashbuckler and Fang-fighter.After the war he adopted Maraly Weaver who became Shadowblade, another feared defender of the streets of Dugtown.


Pre-Wingfeather War

Before the Wingfeather War, Gammon was a farmer, and it has been stated by his daughter, Maraly Weaver and himself, that he was a bad one. Once the Fangs invaded, he created his Florid Sword outfit and persona, and started to defend Skree from Gnag the Nameless' army.

Wingfeather War

Post-Wingfeather War

After the Wingfeather War, Gammon officially adopted Maraly Weaver, who aided him in protecting Dugtown as Shadowblade.

Shadowblade and the Florid Sword #1

Personality and Traits

Gammon is a kind man, who is always wanting to help others. He underneath his gruff exterior, he holds a soft spot for his adoptive daughter, Maraly Weaver. When he dons his Florid Sword costume, he is a powerful Fang-fighter and swordsman.

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