As drawn by JoLeigh

The Fork Factory is a place where stolen children are sent to work as slaves to craft the Fangs' weapons. A rebellion lead by Sara Cobbler, one of the captives, was carried out near the end of the Wingfeather War and all the children escaped.



Sometime after the Fangs invaded Skree, the Fork Factory was either built by the Fangs or simply utilized by them. Most of the children who are captured by the Black Carriage are taken to Fort Lamendron, and then taken across the Dark Sea of Darkness to Castle Throg. The Fangs required weapons, though, so some children began to be taken to the Fork factory to create them. The Factory was run by the Overseer and Mobrik, a ridgerunner who only watched the children because of the promise of fruit. The children were always referred to as tools.

Known Captives

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