“Gnag has learned to change people. He's learned to take the essence of a snake and meld it with a man or woman to create something horrible.”
Nia Wingfeather

The dreaded Fangs of Dang are strange creatures that make up Gnag the Nameless's army. Gnag created them by melding humans and animals, using the Holoré and the Holoél. The Stonekeepers have attempted to breed many animals with humans, but there are three major successful breeds of Fangs: Green Fangs, Gray Fangs, and Bat Fangs. The unsuccessful breeds are known as Cloven. It is known that their is conflict between the breeds of fangs, as seen in Book Four when a green fang killed a grey fang for no apparent reason. When Fangs die, they turn to dust because they only have half of a life.


Green Fangs


A Green Fang

Green Fangs are melded from lizards and are the first and most common of all Fang breeds. A Green Fang has greenish scales, a lizard-like snout and tail, and two long venomous fangs. Their venom can kill a human in seconds. They were the primary soldiers in Gnag's army during the Great War and afterwards for nine years until they were gradually replaced with Grey Fangs. They were replaced because they were greatly slowed in cold weather and were not as intelligent as their gray counterparts.

The most prominent Green Fang was General Khrak, who led the assault on Skree during the Great War, and who was the general over all Green Fangs. He governed Skree from Palace Torr in Torrborro. Said to be quicker in mind and body than most Green Fangs, General Khrak was one of Gnag's oldest servants. He was killed by Janner Igiby.

Grey Fangs

Gray Fang

A Gray Fang

Grey Fangs are melded with wolves. They were created by Gnag to attack Kimera, which was located in the Ice Prairies, a climate too cold for Green Fangs. Grey Fangs eventually replaced most of the Green Fangs when they took part in the battle at Ban Rona. They are not necessarily more powerful than green fangs though, since green fangs have deadly venom. In the Battle of Kimera, they were lead by the grey fang Timber.

Bat Fangs

Bat fang

A Bat Fang

Bat Fangs are melded from bats. They were first used in the battle at Ban Rona, where they attacked the Hollowsfolk from the air. They also teamed up to carry in some Gray Fangs to the battle. Bat fangs have very keen senses of smell and hearing. They are extremely valuable because of their ability to fly. In the Battle of the Hollows, the first warriors where delivered by bat fangs, instead of trying to break through the Watercraw.

Other Fangs


Gnag, a Dragon Fang

The gray, green, and bat fangs are not the only fangs. Gnag became a Dragon fang, and Murgah and Bonifer Squoon where melded with spiders. Most fangs that are not one of the regular types are refereed to as Cloven, who often find their way to the city of Clovenfast in the Blackwood.


Fangs are melded with the Holoré and the Holoél. The human who is melded into a fang is led into a small chamber with the animal that it is to be melded with. The Stonekeeper then leads them in song and exposes them to the light of the Holoré or the Holoél. When the song is finished, the essence of the animal is combined with the human to make a Fang. Kalmar claimed that his heart felt like it "shriveled up inside him" while it was happening. The animal used for melding is often used to make several Fangs, and is then discarded. After melding, they forget who they are, except for an occasional few memories. For Fangs and Cloven alike, it often hurts to remember. It is more difficult for Fangs to remember than cloven because the Fangs are renamed, and the cloven are not. In Clovenfast, the cloven tell each other their stories, so than if they forget who they are, they can be told again.

Post-Wingfeather War

After the Wingfeather War, most of the fangs and Cloven moved to Anniera. Janner Wingfeather melded himself with all of them using the third ancient stone, changing them back into humans but at the sacrifice of himself. Other fangs traveled to Castle Throg or the Woes of Shreve. In The Prince of Yorsha Doon, some of the fangs are seen working for Roduin the Bloodbrute.

Known Fangs


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