Falam is a member of the Umamri. He helped Prince Majah's guards free the prince's palace from Roduin the Bloodbrute. He can also understand the dead language Old Renari.


Early Life

Very Little is known about Falam's early life. Little is known about the traditions of the Umamri, so Falam may either have been adopted into them or born into them. At some point during this time he learned the dead language Old Renari.

Post-Wingfeather War

Sometime after the Wingfeather War, Roduin the Bloodbrute took control of Prince Majah's Palace. A few of the guards escaped. Falam assisted the remaining guards by translating Feasting in the Woes from Old Renari to the Common Tongue. He deciphered the codes that lay within the book and sent Safiki through the tunnels, as he was the only one that could fit. Upon entering the palace, Safiki freed the prince and the rest of the guards. When Prince Majah had returned to the throne, Falam asked Safiki if he wanted to join the Umamri, and Safiki politely declined.

Personality and Traits

As a member of the Umamri, Falam wears white robes. He has leathery skin and has dark eyes. He also remains clean-shaven. Falam is generally quite kind and takes pride in his work of caring for the elderly. He is also very intelligent, as was seen when he decoded Feasting in the Woes. Falam has a very serious nature, though he is also comical at times.

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