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Esben Wingfeather was High King of Anniera. He married Nia Helmer and had three children named Janner, Kalmar (Tink), and Leeli. Not long after that the Fangs of Dang came to Anniera and captured Esben and his older brother, Artham. They were taken to the Deeps of Throg. Esben was turned into a bear-like monster while Artham managed to escape. Esben was cast out into the forest. He found a place called Clovenfast. He saw in a vision where his children were and charged out of Clovenfast. He found his children in a house called Chimney Hill. While watching his kids someone threw a spear at him. He fled to a cave and was found by his son, Kalmar. Kalmar fed and took care of him. He got better soon, but the towns people were not very happy, for their livestock was disappearing because of Kalmar. Soon, they started wanting Kalmar dead. He went to trial and was proven guilty. Esben snuck in and stopped it just in time. Than a huge battle broke out. His son Janner recognized him. Next his wife recognized him. He went to scoop her up in his arms, but a man named Rudric thought he was a monster and stabbed him in the stomach. By then the Fangs had captured his children. He ran to save his children, but only weakened himself more. By the time he got there, the Fangs had grabbed the children and set sail. He swam after them and caught up to the boat. He climbed aboard and brought his children to safety. Nia got on the boat and they set sail for Anneria. On the way there Esben died. His family sailed back to the Green Hollows and buried his body in a royal way and grieved for many days.

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