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The Enramere (EN-ra-meer[1]) was the ship on which the Wingfeathers sailed across the Dark Sea of Darkness from Kimera to the Green Hollows in their quest to reclaim the Shining Isle

According to Podo Helmer, the Enramere was built sometime after 4/429. Originally made as a fishing boat, the Enramere was commandeered by the Fangs after the War and used it to transport troops and supplies across the Dark Sea of Darkness. Sometime before 4/452, the Kimeran rebels captured the Enramere during a raid on the Phoob Islands. Gammon kept her ready in case the need for an emergency escape from Kimera was ever needed.

It later carried the Wingfeathers and Oskar on a voyage to The Shining Isle in The Monster In The Hollows