“Come to think of it, maybe the water was darker than normal.”
— Stawnburn

The Dark Sea of Darkness is a large body of water which separates the continents of Skree and Dang.

"The Dark Sea of Darkness was no darker than any other ocean I ever sailed over. So I'm not sure where it got its name, unless maybe it's because of the feeling you get when you're out in the middle of it. You feel like you might be guzzled up by any one of giant critters that live beneath the surface. It could get its name from all the storms that whirl up out of it and kick your ship around like a kid with a ball. Every night there's a fog that swallows up the stars and leaves you floating blind out there in all the darkness. You got the feeling like you'll never make it home and even your best mates on the ship don't really know you or want to, like they'd never notice if you toppled over the gunnel and plopped right in. Come to think of it, maybe the water was darker than normal."

~ Stawnburn's "The Wide Terrain" (On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness)

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