"If anyone reads this without permission, he will be most certainly and brutally slain. Or at the very least I’ll chop off a finger or two. Or three."Loshain P’stane

Warning! This article contains spoilers!

Blindplopping is the Green Hollows tradition, and may I say art, of sleep drugging a boy on his 12th birthday and moving him to an undisclosed, and remote location. This is accomplished through the means of feeding him 12 muffins which he must eat in one sitting. The muffins are drugged and he is put to sleep. He is then relocated with all the necessities to the aforementioned undisclosed location. The boy then has to find his way home without help or aid of any kind.

Janner was blindplopped on his 12th birthday and moved to the Blackwood where he eventually ended up meeting Oood, finding Clovenfast, and entering the castle Throg with his brother Kalmar.

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