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The Holoré and Holoél

Gnag the Nameless, who used an ancient stone to meld himself with a Dragon

The Ancient Stones, (Also called the Stones of Power, which include the Holoré and Holoél), are glowing stones put by the maker into Aerwiar. They are imbued with the power to keep Aerwiar alive and growing. They lay in the Fane of Fire where The Maker dwells, and have similar power to that of the water from the First Well. Two pebbles, called the Holoré and Holoél, were used to create the army of Fangs used by Gnag the Nameless by combining the essence of an animal with a human, or in other words meld them. They were dug up by Yurgen. Another larger stone was later removed from the earth and used to meld Gnag with the dragon Yurgen.

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